All Advertising Channels and Tools for Your Business. A Marketing Expert Guide
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1. Media

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it


Ads, articles (with hidden advertising), press releases, a column, free newspaper ads, interviews, Q & A (to letters), cut-out coupons, your own newspaper


Ads, articles, column, interviews, coupons, your own magazine


Radio show guest, audio ads, sponsorship, themed shows, interviews, press releases, ads


TV seminars, TV show guest, ads, sponsorship, round tables, interviews, events, news

2. Yourself

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it


To clients

Business breakfasts or lunches

With partners, with the media

Wishing happy holidays and birthdays

To clients, partners, journalists


At parties and events

Elevator Pitch

A short presentation about you or your company

Stories about your company

Founders’ biographies, company events, success and failure stories; you can also publish a book

Your biography

A mini-story about yourself, how you started the business, your success story

Your friends and family

Coupons, certificates and discounts for them, ask them to recommend you, ask them “whom do you know that might find us useful?”

3. Personal Contact

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it

Business card

Has all your contact information, stands out, is memorable

Stamps or Seals

They can look like your business card with all your information on it to be stamped on envelopes, documents, packages, or invitations

Your clients

Coupons, certificates and discounts for friends, ask them to recommend you, ask them “whom do you know that might find us useful?”

Your employees

Coupons and discounts for their friends, ask them to recommend you, ask them “whom do you know that might find us useful?”


From your clients, from famous people


Make them look like your audit report of company problems with suggestions on how to solve them. Write copy that sells

Presentation materials

Make sure they are well-designed

Stationary with your advertising

Make sure it is high quality

Price list

Legible, stands out, different from that of your competitors

Discount Cards

Have all your contact information on them, make sure the terms are clear

Savings cards

Record all client purchases

VIP client cards

To your original clients, to famous people, for services

Small printers

Flyers, coupons

Souvenirs with your advertising

Unique, with all your contact information


With your advertising. Gift certificates


Wherever possible, have all your contact information (what you do, your website and phone number)

Employee uniform, clothes with your logo and contact info

State what you do, have pictures, a slogan, your website and phone number

4. External Advertising

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it


Not image advertising, but a specific offer, specific promotion


Address, business hours, specific offer, specific advertising call to action

Put out flyers

Bulletin boards


Unusual, with all your contact information and a call to buy

Street banners

Not image advertising, but a specific offer, specific promotion

Your store or office window design

Clean glass is a must (!)

Your sign

Clearly legible

Sidewalk signs

A call to come in or buy

Public transportation advertising

Not image advertising, but a specific offer, specific promotion

Spots (TV or radio spots, TV monitors in subway or supermarkets, on video screens on the street)

Specific offer, specific promotion

5. Your Company

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it

Company name

A “telling name” – one that says what the company does. Alternatively, instead of writing “LLC” on your website or e-mail, write “owned by…”

Employee names

Have fun with interesting and memorable names in your advertising

Legal or office address

Choose an address that matches what you do

Company registration date

Do it on your professional holiday day and let everyone know about it.

6. Your office or store

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it


They must be conveniently placed.

Street signs

Convenient business hours

Open earlier or close later than your competitors. You might consider being open on week-ends and holidays to differentiate yourself from the competition

Signs inside

Offers, calls to buy


Photo frame with an ad, a poster on the door, a door painted with your ad


Specific calls to buy

Flip Chart

Have an “Offer of the Day”

Wall, floor and ceiling design

Advertising posters, arrows on the floor, an ad or a product mobile on the ceiling

Ads on special stands, racks and desks

Photo frame with an ad on a table for the waiting client

Museum (actual or virtual)

On an appropriate subject, located right in your office. This is a newsmaker for the media and a good reason for your clients to tell about you to their friends. Ask the clients to bring you show-pieces for your museum and place thank you plaques. Post photos on your website for a virtual museum.

Price tags

Write a selling description – turn your price tag into a “paper salesperson”


Write offers for other products and services, thank the customer for buying


Your ad, messages like, “Our favorite customer J. Smith,” use the other side for partner programs or your advertising

Collect business cards and contact information

Questionnaires (with a minimal number of fields to fill out), a box for collecting business cards (use the scanner software on your smartphone), forms for subscribing to your news and offers, drawings and prizes

7. BTL (Below The Line) – tools other than media advertising

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it


Promotions, giving out flyers and coupons, hiring actors for hidden advertisement of buying or using your product

Trade Shows

Make sure to collect contact information and work with it

Focus groups


Field work


Tattoos and drawings on people

Make voluntary temporary or permanent tattoos with your advertising fashionable

QR Codes

With a link to a promotion on your website

Receipts, bills, tickets, company stationary, place mats in cafés and restaurants

Use the other side or the bottom of the stationary for your advertising

Bumper stickers

Offer stickers or plaques with your phone number and signs like “If my car is in your way, please call”

Clothes and accessories

With your logo, website address, phone number, advertising call to action

8. Telephone

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it

Personal calls


Cold calling

Telemarketing – write a good script for it

Answering machine

Either a “hot offer” or an “elevator pitch”

A 1-800 phone number with calls that are free to the clients

Record incoming phone numbers and do text-message mailings

A “pretty” or “telling” number

You can forward calls to a convenient one

Yellow pages (or similar)

Publish a slogan or an offer



Text-message mailings

No more than once every two-three weeks, make sure there is an option to unsubscribe with a reply text message

“Hot line” with daily appropriate advice

Give an “Advice of the day” on your subject

9. Mail

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it

Personal Letters

Advertising signature at the bottom, a special “handwritten” font and blue ink


They are very memorable – unexpected and unusual


A pretty series (paintings, landscapes, cityscapes)


Enclose something unusual and interesting – they will be opened even with a cold database


Glossy magazines

Direct mailing

Offers, invitations

Flyers on doors

Limited-time offers, promotions

Trial mailings

Mailings of samples or unsold leftovers (magazine issues, for example)

10.  РР – Product Placement

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it


Visual – image of your logo or product

Spoken – discuss the product

Usage – how is the product used

Look for places where student or low-budget films are made, find someone you know on the shooting team and give out your product to be used

TV show, reality show

“Make friends” with the host and the shooting team

Radio show

“Make friends” with the radio host

Video game

“Make friends” with developers


Children’s books of the “Learn to count with…” (your brand) type

There was a politician who published a coloring book for children of potential voters about a hero (named just like the politician) who saved the city


“Make friends” with cartoonists

Songs, video

“Make friends” with musicians

Comic books and strips

Draw a comic strip with your product

Interviews with stars or famous people

Ask them to mention your product or service

11. Internet

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it

Your website

Information, offers, collect client information

Domain name

Your phone number as a domain name with forwarding to your regular website. Think of a “telling” name (it should be easy to dictate), think of all the misspellings and register them, also register all .com, .net, or .biz sites

SEO optimization

TOP search systems

Contextual advertising

By keywords

Personal e-mails

Telling names for corporate mail

Answering service

Respond to every letter with: “Received,” “Thank you,” “Will reply soon” and your advertising

E-mail signature

A “selling” signature with regularly updated offers

Advertising websites

Including hidden advertising: resume of an expert, for example, instead of company advertisement with the same services


Answer questions of potential clients


Using your client database. Approximately  once a month for B2C and quarterly for B2B


Posted on your website and on other websites.


Pictures, audio postcards, video postcards

Pop-up windows

“Subscribe to our news”


Put together a set of articles and offer to download it in return for an e-mail address

Online store shopping cart

A sad empty cart and a smiling one with products. Phrases that call on the client to fill the cart


Set up the subscription option


Update regularly


YouTube channel

With a Subscribe button on your website



Ads on other websites

In e-magazines and e-newspapers, in other people’s blogs and mailings

Articles for other websites

With a link to yours

Answering websites or - ask about yourself and answer, with your advertising

Cut-out ads on your website

Unique design


Free or paid – teach your clients to purchase your product or service


Post your product as a new one from an individual

Trade or purchase of links

On websites in your niche

Catalog registration

Register your website



Mobile applications

With your products or for your company’s clients

Video games

With your products

Access to non-public content, forum, or group

For your company’s clients or paid


E-mail results once the test is completed

Trial access to a program or service

A month free or a limited number of functions with a free version

One hour of consulting on the website

Online answers

Voice service (call or Skype)

Consultant answers a call on the website

12. Social Networks

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it

“Like” buttons on your website

Buttons for social networks used by your target audience

You brand page

No more than 10% advertising

Fan group

Open and closed Social Interest Groups

Contextual Advertising

It is better and less expensive to provide a link on the social network to your brand page











13. Social involvement

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it

Organize events and participate in events

Badges with your ads for public events. Make a show of your presentation, make it entertaining


Network, exchange business cards

Tenders, bids

Even if you do not win, you will be remembered


Collect and distribute as many business cards as possible

Trade shows

Your booth, distribution of ads, collect and distribute contact information, make sure to work with the data collected

Event sponsorship

Ads and advertising materials, marquees with your ads, articles, interviews, hidden advertising. You might provide sponsorship for souvenir products or your presentation as an expert

Word of mouth

Rumor management, viral marketing


Trivia, contests, lotteries and drawings, shows. Organize your own and participate in others’

Membership in clubs and associations

It is best to be the organizer. If you are an invited speaker, collect contact information from your audience, make them an offer, invite them

14. Partnership Programs

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it


Dealer discounts and bonuses


With partners

Joint ventures

Packages of products and services with your partners, resource exchange

Purchasing pool

With competitors, with adjacent businesses. “A volume discount for you”

Referral programs

Offer a percentage for sales to someone else’s client database

Partnership with colleges and universities

A college, a university, or a research center all mean future employees, venues and potential clients

Partner events


Network promotion structure

Use the multi-level marketing strategy

Public organizations

Recommendations, distribution of marketing materials, mailings to client databases, joint events

Joint advertising

Books, brochures, ads

Client exchange

Recommendations, distribution of marketing materials, mailings to client databases

Someone else’s tickets

Public transportation, events. The other side of the ticket or an enlarged ticket with your advertising

Opinion Leaders

Testimonials and recommendations of bloggers, journalists, famous personalities

15. Education

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it

Educational literature

A book, a brochure, an informational bulletin, a guide, instructions, collection of advice, case studies, a set of solutions, expert interviews, market reviews, ratings, FAQ, recipes, programs, self-study guides, information service, tutorials

Training events

Workshops, trainings, seminars, open house, demonstrations of products or services, classes and lessons


Free or conditionally – an introductory service


Organize workshops as a show for the clients

Audio and video classes

Distribute CDs or DVDs, create links for downloading and viewing

16. Your product/service

Advertising Channels and Tools

What you can do and how you can do it

Product name

Understandable, attractive, selling


One that stands out and lists customer benefits, medals, wax seals

Test drive

Sample, trial run, test drive, tasting


Fast, high quality, polite


Better than the competition


References to famous or important people, list of clients, testimonials, recommendations

New version updates

Free updates are better

Exchange for a new model with paid difference

Offer to take the old one at the market price

Multiple choice

Packages of products and services, choice between the Economy, Standard and Premium packages


Vivid, memorable



1. First, single out the essence of your advertising message.

2. Make sure that the content does not change when you change the advertising channel.

3. Think of what other options listed above you can use.

Date of publication: 23 January 2018
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