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When laymen see financial thinking advertised, there’s a lot of skepticism. The idea that you should work hard, spend less and will have money as a result seems logical. So why do I say that routine drudgery is not the best way to riches and that it is much more reasonable to change your thinking to a better-paid one?

You remember about the horse that worked the hardest of all animals on the farm, but never got to be the farmer? It is unlikely that working with no days off, 16 hours a day instead of 8 and denying yourself any pleasures will lead you to big money. You are more likely to jeopardize your quality of life, become tired and emotionally burnt-out and, as strange as it may sound, roll down to a lower income level and a wretched existence. This happens because your mind cannot work well when you feel like a broken-winded horse. At the same time, your subconscious has no idea why you need to earn money at such a high price if you don’t spend it on yourself anyway. As a result, you become ill and start sabotaging your own money-making attempts.

Please note that rich people work less than eight hours a day and easily spend their weekends and evenings with their families. They don’t try to cut the cost of either a car, or a restaurant, or a vacation. As Steve Jobs is reputed to say, “You should use your head, not work a 12-hour day”.

So where do you start?

In order to earn more you have to do something else first. For example, you could quit a free or little-paying job and spend the time either studying to improve your skills or advertising yourself, becoming a more popular and respected person.

If you already have a queue of clients; if you are popular and respected, raise your prices to weed out the people who pay little and drive you up the wall. Quite the opposite, you should attract people who will be grateful and will pay much more. It is much more profitable to work with ethical and well-to-do clients. However, you can only notice all those times when you waste your energy on ungrateful and little-paying people when you have well-developed financial thinking. Only then are you capable of saying “no” to the people who want to use you and start interacting with those who value you.

My clients perceive it as a revelation that when, prior to taking the class, they worked for poor and ungrateful people, by the end of the day they were very tired and had to deal with emotional burn-out and disappointment in their profession, in people and in themselves. Yet, as soon as they switched to working with well-to-do, honorable and ethical professionals who were ready to pay, their incomes grew 2-5 times (10 times for some of them) and they began to enjoy their work. This happened because negative communications, complaints and criticism disappeared, while positive emotions from dealing with upright, grateful and well-earning people who enjoy life flooded in.

Miracles happened when they bought things too. Before, a woman would choose something that was cheap, low-quality and not too useful and in addition felt guilty for spending the money. Thanks to the classes, she began to buy better quality things that she delighted in and enjoyed. Even several months later, she would remember her finds and feel happy with herself for finding such a wonderful thing. Additional, unexpected money also appeared for these desirable purchases – there were bonuses and gifts or barter.

Why does this happen?

Your subconscious likes to be pleased. If you promise that its wishes come true the right way, it will find opportunities for additional income. The more you enjoy each of your buys, the more eager your subconscious will be to find ways to increase your income.

My “Big Finance Class” has over 50 assignments that are imperceptibly introduced into routine life. Participant’s task is to get rid of fears, worries and negative emotions and to bring back happiness and confidence, the feeling of power and safety. When, in several months, the students summarize all their changes, they see clearly that a year ago very different and impractical decisions were made. They wasted time talking to unpleasant people, while now these unpleasant people have gone to seek other donors of life energy.

There is now a new network – of grateful people who give more than they take. The positive exchange has begun to work, increasing the wellbeing of everyone in it. That is why a woman’s happiness, joy and quality of life are so much higher than before she came to the Finance Class. My clients are expectedly inspired, receiving measurable and visible results in their relations with money.

Naturally there are results when a person begins to actively move in the direction of increasing their income and improving their quality of life, not simply loll about in that direction, but take small steps every day. Active people, if they are not simply engaged in confused bustle and fuss, but move forward guided by an experienced mentor, get expected and desired changes.

By the way, you can find out how the Finance Class works absolutely free. Sign up for my Five Simple Lessons in Financial Thinking class, do the homework, and in a few days you will see your life changing towards joy, prosperity and happiness.

Date of publication: 11 January 2018
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