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In the last few decades a number of online careers have sprung up that are not taught in schools or colleges. The Internet, however, is flooded with all types of courses that promise to teach you how to make money online quickly. With the best of intentions people leave hundreds of dollars to online frauds and pseudo-gurus for learning about the “Cash button.” So how can you navigate among the variety of offers and recognize outright fraud in advance?

Here are the types of earnings that are most often presented online as the most suitable for newbies:

1. Info business.

2. Freelancing.

3. Template exchange and photo stocks.

4. Video blogging on YouTube.

5.  Managing accounts on Instagram and Tweeter and business pages on Facebook.

6.  Podcasts.

7.  Paid advertising with Google AdSense.

8.  Traffic arbitrage.

9. Participation in partnership programs.


Somehow, the info business, that is creation of online schools, is considered the easiest and most profitable way to earn money. It is definitely a very profitable type of business if you can organize it well and do good online advertising, but I would not call it the easiest, especially at the start.

So where did the legend come from that any fool who’s tired of working at the office can earn money by selling info products and teaching?

On Runet (the Russian-speaking part of the Internet), for example, info business began with translation of American info classes. The special feature of these classes is that in addition to the theoretical and practical parts, there is a lot of motivational pep talk. The American habit of referring to the earnings of millionaires and billionaires saying “you can do it too” has gradually moved into Russia.

In fact, if you don’t build sand castles, but realistically assess your prospects, there are around 1.3 billion users registered on YouTube, but there are only a few dozen people in the whole world who own the “diamond button.” Among hundreds of thousand authors registered on Amazon, only a handful make notable income from the sale of their books. In other words, your chances of making it to the world of “successful success” are not nearly as high as the present-day info gurus want to make you think.

There are currently quite a number of young and not-so-young men who, having learned a little from one of these online courses, now spout motivational gibberish and teach primitive models that either do not work for the specific market or have long ago gone out of date. It is quite simple to check on the effectiveness of such “gurus.” Instead of falling prey to pretty pictures and big talk simply look at the real results of their students: how many among them have become successful millionaires with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and fans or at least how many of them have a noticeably growing income. Unfortunately, some of the students of these gurus also become frauds who broadcast the ease of attaining “successful success.” The rest either have no significant measurable results or simply go broke as a result of using poor models that do not work.

Besides the fact that numerous info products and webinars are created along the lines of “read a couple of books and tell about them in your own words,” the quality of presentation also leaves a lot to be desired. That is because most of these young men (and women) are not at all familiar with effective principles of teaching to an adult audience. In addition to all that, without their own real experience earning top dollars, they cannot share personal cases (lies don’t count).

Luckily, even Runet is gradually becoming civilized and there are people in info business now who really have things to share from their own professional experience. As a rule, these are coaches, who have successfully trained people for years in real life and have hundreds of grateful students. They know how to present even the most complicated and varied information competently and with live examples.

For instance, I have conducted a live class on Practical Marketing for MBA students, so online I present this material even better and more effectively because I am not limited by the strict MBA program timeframe and give as much on the video as I know and use myself. The situation is similar for any good and experienced teacher – results of online training in their groups are even better than those of live trainings and seminars.

Before going into the info business, it makes sense to evaluate your capabilities soberly and, in any case, to pick a coach most of whose students have real, measurable results, not simply his or her emphatic statements about sporadic successes.


Some people choose freelance as a way to earn money. That means that they provide services online to other people. This includes copywriting, contextual advertising, web design, data publishing, audio services, photo processing, video making, and so on.

As a rule, people begin their freelance career with agencies, where the competition is high and the rates are low. Agencies are good for dealing with clients regarding payment and for providing cheap orders. Those are their only advantages.

If you are to act intelligently, it is important to spend some time studying online marketing. This will enable you to sell your services much more effectively. After all, in practically every case getting an order, whether for a landing page, a website design or advertisement, comes down to sales. Having learned marketing, you will be able to sell your services several times higher using your personal website or social media, especially if you have self-promotion skills. The quality of the services you provide to your clients will also be significantly higher because you will not be simply following a template but will be able to raise your clients’ sales with your intelligent approach, in other words, you will become more valuable to them than 99% of your colleagues.


The gurus of online earnings insist that this is the easiest way to earn money. According to them, all you do is download your website templates or photos and take payments. In real life, template exchanges and photo stock agencies accept only very high-quality professional work and if you are not a design or photo master, you will simply not be able to cope with present-day requirements of such resources. Template exchanges or photo stocks as a source of income work for professionals or teams of designers. They are not for amateurs.


This type of business really is available to anyone, including high-school and college students and young mothers, staying home with their newborn. The key skills that you need are a general familiarity with content marketing and the specifics of publications in this particular social media. Most gurus, however, don’t mention that, affirming instead that you can start managing other people’s accounts any time. Actually, if you want to take care of your reputation and plan your future growth, you need to study online marketing in full because your clients don’t just need a page to place a checkmark in their “to do” list, they need actual sales. All you can do without in-depth knowledge of promotion processes is to post kitty-cats and “smart-quotes.”


This is arguably the most popular way to make money. Every day thousands of people open their own channels on YouTube hoping to make money by running ads.

The numerous gurus of online marketing assure the naïve newcomers that there is nothing easier than to make millions on video blogging. In real life, however, the way to even the first hundred dollars with this type of earnings is not paved with roses: you will only be able to monetize your channel using advertisement when you have over 1,000 followers and 4,000 hours or view time.

You can monetize your channel with direct advertising charging the client a fee, but you have to be very popular in order to do that. Theoretically, anyone can become a famous video blogger; however there are quite a few nuances to monetizing your channel that are not immediately obvious.

Statistics show that it is not at all the novice who makes millions in this business. If you are not afraid of this thorny path with an unclear result at the end – go ahead and try it.


Many newcomers start interviewing for podcasts, but quickly get tired of it and let it go. It is fairly problematic to monetize this type of business for now: advertisers are not too eager to get into this niche. It only makes sense to do podcasts for the purpose of additional self-promotion if you are already popular. You cannot count on significant earnings in this area, especially if you are new.


Placing paid advertisement on your website or in your blog is quite a simple way to earn money. You can charge for displaying it or for clicks. The price today is very low, so your website should be on the subject that is popular among rich advertisers and have tens of thousands views per day to ensure substantial income to the owner. It is practically impossible to achieve that for free. To ensure such high traffic on your website you have to renew your content daily and be very well-versed in online marketing because attracting traffic to such an extent requires special skills and knowledge.


Traffic arbitration means selling traffic (viewers) of one website to the other. This type of earnings is not really suitable for newcomers who dream of passive income. In this case you need to be professionally familiar with traffic purchasing and always keep abreast of things so as not to lose the money you invest. So if any “experts” assure you that it is very simple, don’t believe them. One of my clients almost lost her home having believed the promises of one such guru.


The essence of this type of earnings is in bringing clients to your partner for partnership commissions. This is the easiest and most accessible type of additional income. However, to earn a significant amount of money on partnership programs you need to be well-versed in what you advertise, have a good reputation, and be able to use various online marketing tools. Then you can make quite decent money without spending a lot of time on it.

As you see, practically all types of business recommended by info gurus as a sure way to earn easy money for a newcomer are not, in fact, that. Nearly all of them require time to build your network reputation, as well as knowledge of online marketing, without which all attempts to make any kind of money turn into an endless battle with shadows.

The goal of every present-day person is to learn to be well-versed in online marketing and to teach it to their children. This allows to really earn quite a decent income and to gradually scale the income even if you don’t work online but build another type a career or business.

If you have been thinking for a while about how to approach earning money online without making fatal mistakes, I would recommend that you take a free online course on our new educational portal Navika. Just register on the website and you will have access to classes and other useful materials on online marketing. Easy and interesting presentation of materials in our classes is suitable not only for adults, but also for teenagers who wish to earn money online.

Date of publication: 19 December 2018
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