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1. While we are stressing out, feeling emotional and routinely suppressing it, while we worry about the future or rebuke ourselves for the past, our body wants to relax. The quickest way to relax automatically is to eat or drink. That is how women become food dependent and men become alcoholic.

2. Look at it closely – maybe you’re not hungry, but thirsty? Have a glass of water or, better yet, have some berries/veggies/fruit – they quench thirst with correctly-structured water.

3. If it is too early to eat ask yourself the following questions:

  • What emotions am I feeling right now?
  • Where is the tension in my body?
  • What am I thinking about? What problems do I want to chase away with food?

4. Smell the food first, then take a small bite, feel its taste on your tongue, enjoy it. Do that with every piece – smell it, take a bite, feel the taste on your tongue.

5. Chew each bite no less than 50 times. Then in 20 minutes you will feel full on half a cucumber.

6. You can eat anything you like if during the meal you passionately and joyfully pay attention to your food only, in small servings, enjoying every bite and every moment.

7. Do not use words like “losing weight;” all the more so, do not set your goal as “losing 10 pounds” – it is not reachable; you can keep losing 10 pounds at a time forever. Set the exact weight you want, the specific result that you need. Tell yourself, “When I eat slowly and with pleasure, my weight becomes 108 pounds.” That said, you are not denying yourself delicious food, you are simply changing your attitude. Self-suggestion works if you remember the number you want and repeat similar phrases every day.

Date of publication: 23 December 2017
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