Male chauvinism diagnosed: how do you deal with its present-day manifestations
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The rapid growth of modern technologies and effects of the feminist movement have led to the fact that nowadays men and women have the same opportunities in practically everything. Hard manual labor in countries with advanced economies has been successfully displaced by machines and electronic devices. Women, who have received the right to higher education in the late 19th – early 20th century have actively used it. It has finally been discovered that they are not second-rate citizens and can effectively work, manage large corporations and make scientific discoveries on an equal footing with men.

So where does male chauvinism and discrimination of women come from in the present-day world? How should modern man adjust himself so as not to lose feminine interest in the present-day world, where the most sophisticated, bright and attractive women brilliantly provide for themselves and no longer need a bread-winner? Let’s try to figure out these pressing questions.

Treating women as second-rate began as far back as when the physical survival of a woman and her children depended on her man.

In ages past social standards assumed external male dominance and assigned to man the responsibility for protection and material wellbeing of the family. The woman was to play the part of the keeper of the hearth and to raise the children, all the time implicitly obeying the husband. This role distribution was predicated by objective factors: pregnant or breastfeeding women could not hunt, perform hard manual labor, fight, etc. They did what they could: span, wove, sewed, embroidered, made felt, turned hay, cooked, washed, cleaned house, and so on. They were practically entirely dependent on men financially, which established their subservient position. This family model with the bread-winner husband and the homemaker wife was around for a very long time; it practically etched itself on our subconscious.

Nowadays, when people of both sexes actually have equal rights and opportunities, while division of occupations into male and female is gradually going out of use, some representatives of the male sex still have trouble adjusting psychologically and treating women as people in their own right. They continue to be guided by an outdated world view which today can cause nothing but problems and conflict.

These days, you can find male chauvinism even in civilized, industrially developed countries. The phrase “that fool of a woman should stay in the kitchen” best describes such approach. It is traditionally passed on from parents to children. That said, the real picture of the world for such men is quite distorted. They are guided by approximately the following:

▶ A man is always right.

▶ A man is smarter than a woman because male logic is built on reason, not on emotions.

▶ What a man should do, a woman may not.

▶ A man’s word is law to a woman.

So, what should a present-day woman do when encountering male chauvinism?

It depends on the woman’s goals. Before reacting in any way whatsoever to this member of the “strong half of the human race” you have to estimate his psychological maturity, intellectual development, level of income, etc.

If you find this man to be outright stupid and infantile and therefore of low income, that no one respects him because of his lack of real achievements, and that he looks pitiful compared to you, ask yourself, “Why should I deal with him at all? What kind of interest do I have in him?”

If there is no interest, simply stop dealing with him and waste no attention on the creature that is hopelessly stuck at the foothills of evolution.

If you do have an interest, think about how to reach your goals with a minimum of problems and conflict. In the future try to arrange it so that you would have to deal with more reasonable people in order to achieve your goals, not the ones whose mind is stuck in the past.

When you have to deal with such a man, simply treat him as exercise equipment or a person with a mental illness whose hallucinations have nothing to do with you and are his personal problem. Take care of yourself first and foremost.

To try to prove something to a person who is obviously stupid, egocentric and incapable of assessing changes taking place in the real world is a waste of time and energy. Treat his statements as you would noise made by a dog; after all, if a dog barks at you, you are not going to get down on all fours and answer him, are you? You are going to continue doing what you are doing without paying any attention to the noise. That’s about how you should deal with chauvinists, especially the ones who are less successful, make less money than you do, and have earned no respect in society.


Date of publication: 5 February 2019
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