Myths and Legends of Feminine Femininity
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Here is another amusing tendency that is quite widespread. Having married a regular guy, some women rush to trainings on Vedic femininity, planning to push their hapless husband on to great business achievements with the help of a long skirt or some other magical item.

In the one case the lady may very well become a kept mistress and whine for things and gifts, but the man would somehow not marry her. And if a glamorous socialite becomes the mistress of a married man, most likely, he never does divorce his wife, but simply feeds her on endless promises that everything is about to change as soon as the kids grow up.

In the other case, Vedic knowledge and rituals somehow don’t help the husband’s career growth or the sudden change of the corporate slave into a high class businessman. Even though, you’d think, all the conditions are fulfilled: a feminine appearance, feminine clothes, feminine behavior and feminine mind-blowing are all there…


The myths that female appearance and some kind of special Vedic behavior are extremely important to men are very resilient. Yet, the glamor-lover often sees quite commonplace and sober women with successful men. She compares herself to these wives of rich husbands and finds no reason to be so unlucky.

You would think that those women have no striking appearance, mediocre clothes, regular education, an uninspiring job and quite a few years to their name… The glamor-lover does not understand why men should fight shy of her, but hold on to such uninteresting women. What is so special that they give their men that those provide them with unlimited material resources in return?

Nope, it is not sex. On the contrary, if you can get on intimate terms with them, such wives will note that sex does not come their way too often. It is not business advice either – they really don’t know much about business and can only give advice about people based on their intuition.

So the question arises – why does a man choose such a woman instead of the young and beautiful one? The answer is that the most important thing for a man is how he feels next to a woman. We are talking, naturally, about a psychologically adult man.


A man who may be called psychologically adolescent has a certain number of labels and stereotypes about the attributes of high-class successful life. One of such attributes is owning a well-groomed female body, preferably with a Miss World title. Naturally, he will look for a model to show off to his friends and a sex doll. As soon as she becomes outdated, he will immediately exchange a 40-year-old for two20-year-olds.

If we are talking about a psychologically young man, he is most interested in intellectual excellence, compatible values and efforts to improve the world. Such a man needs a “comrade-in-arms” in his efforts. She can go around without makeup, with ugly hair, glasses, baggy jeans and have a ton of other flaws in her appearance. The important thing is that they understand each other and have values in common. The opportunity to talk until dawn to a like-minded woman about things he is interested in allows the psychologically young man to feel as good as possible.

If a man is a psychological adult, next to what kind of woman will he feel the best? Would an immaculate appearance be important to him? Probably not any more – he has tried quite a few things and people in his life and he is no longer interested in painted dolls. Does it matter to him that his wife fight for world peace together with him? No, he has outgrown that stage of his life.

It turns out that such an adult, aware, and active man feels best next to a calm and relaxed woman. In other words, he does not want to come home after a day at work with negotiations and business competition and face the second front with a mind-blowing wife. He wants to come home and relax; to get from his wife appreciation of his financial contribution to the household, interest in him and his business, and admiration for being strong and smart.


A wise wife will not try to encumber the husband with her problems. On the contrary, she feels that her first order of priority is to ensure rest for a “warrior back from the wars.” A woman knows how to keep quiet and does not start talking right at the door, like in that old joke, “Well, mine just chirps, and chirps, and chirps… the idiot!” She understands that the man wants first to pull himself together, rest from the bustle and hustle, have a quiet dinner. When, having had his fill, he wants to tell her something, she is ready to pay attention to him, admire him, agree and commiserate with him. A smart wife never lectures her husband. On the contrary, she admits that he is more competent in business dealings and she does not compete with him in making decisions.

Such a wife knows how to be on the same team with her husband. If you take a soccer team as an example, the husband is an active player, a forward, while she is more of a goalie. Have you ever seen a professional soccer game where a goalie would run into the middle of the field and yell at the forward, “What do you think you’re doing? You can’t hit a cow’s ass with a banjo!” Of course not, the goalie has his own important job and both players act in the interests of the team, each in his area. If you take the example back into family relations, such a woman is ready to give her support so that the husband can build up his strength and go “hunt more mammoths.”

There is another interesting point in western culture. The wife of an adult successful man always has a job or a hobby that can be easily and joyfully monetized. Even though she does not have to work and the husband fully supports her.

It is just that her internal world is much wider; it is not limited by shopping. Besides, it is an additional financial foothold in case of an emergency.


It is important for the ordinary man to feel that his back is covered, that there is no home front with a capricious drama queen always looking for an excuse to make a scene or get peeved. It means a lot to him that the home base is safe and reliable, a place where he will be accepted and supported in any situation, where his wife will be on his side even if he becomes ill or goes bankrupt. This is the type of relationship where the wife perceives her husband as a friend and is a friend to him.

So why is it that husbands are ready to spoil such wives, pay for any of their purchases, and take them to expensive resorts? Precisely because the man feels (and sees, as in the case of his friends or colleagues) that he will lose a lot of energy with a different wife; a wife that will stay unhappy, nag or blow his mind. Then he will have to carry on in his business morally depleted and unrested. When a person does not relax at home and does not recoup, soon enough they become ill.

When a man has a wife for a friend, he feels that he has the energy to move any mountain. Such a wife inspires the husband to great achievements with her admiration, appreciation, and love. The man really values that. He feels on top of the world – strong and full of energy.

Then the husband is ready to split the “mammoth” he got in half not only because the law has a common property clause. He realizes that it is fair because half of his achievements are due to his wife who inspires him, giving him the strength and motivation to get there.

Date of publication: 29 April 2018
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