A Pact with the Devil, Or Be Careful What You Wish For
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Have you ever tried to make a wish by the book? You know, visualizing your dream and believing that you are worth it? I and my friends have searched for the magic formula that makes your wishes come true for many years, with mixed results. Some of our dreams, oh miracle of miracles, even came true.

I am sure you tried many different ways too; starting with ancient folk rites and all the way to modern Simoron rituals, from attempts to work as a horse to buy it on your own, to carefree wishing on a falling star.

For many years, however, my wishes came true only by accident, while my persistent attempts to “steamroll reality” ended in tears. If I managed to convince myself that things would go a certain way, it was a 100-percent guarantee that such a course of events was either impossible or would lead to disaster. As soon as my subconscious became aware that only a single future was possible, I was afraid and unconsciously made a great effort to bring about another one.

A similar model works if you imagine that your wish has already come true. For example, you decide that you are beautiful, intelligent and rich right now. Naturally, your subconscious will immediately decide that since everything is tip-top, it doesn’t have to work anymore and there is nothing else to strive for. And it will leave your life unchanged. In a couple of years you will suddenly notice that your colleagues and friends are way ahead, while you’re milling around and going downhill. Even that is not the worst thing that can happen. It is much worse when you get your wish, on the “pact-with-the-devil” terms. You ask for money and there it is. You’ve been paid accident insurance and you only have half of what your medical bills are. You wanted your husband to be loyal and now you’ll live with a paralyzed invalid for the next 20 years. The best case scenario is when you pay for a wrongly formulated wish, as in the old joke.

A man runs up and down the shore, howling,

“Let me just catch you, you miserable shrimp!!!”

“What happened?”

“I caught a goldfish that gave wishes and asked it for a Ferrari...”


“See, it’s right there!”

“That’s a great car, brand new, red!”

“Yeah, and it has a title and loan docs in my name inside! Now I have to pay 400 thousand dollars in five years! I’ll kill it if I catch it!”

I think you realize that his wish was simply not detailed enough. However, even if you try to take all the nuances into account, the result is predictable: technically, you will have what you wished for, but it won’t bring you joy.


The error is simple – you can’t use just your brain when formulating a wish. It doesn’t matter how prestigious you may think your new house is – you have to actually live in it and while you feel cozy and comfortable in one, you will wish to run away from another. It doesn’t matter how many candidates for a new position there were, if you don’t like your job, you will have psychosomatic illnesses. It doesn’t matter whether your friends love your new boyfriend; if you are not sexually or intellectually compatible even Prince Charming will get under your skin.

So there is only one way to formulate your wishes right – imagine specifically how the quality of your life will improve, what new and pleasant feelings and emotions will become available to you when your dream comes true.

Live for a day in the future where the wish that’s come true has already become routine. How do you feel? Are you comfortable? Do you feel safe? Is it convenient? Do you use what you have wished for? How do you feel when you do?

If everything is alright in the future, don’t forget to tell your subconscious that you will get all that if you make a bit of an effort. Make a plan, take the first step and your dream will begin to come true.

Go back to the quality of your future life from time to time and check whether these are the feelings and emotions you want, then take the next step. Don’t prevent the world, however, from giving you your dream some other way, faster than you planned.

Be open to all opportunities and pleasant surprises!

Date of publication: 4 September 2018
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