Social Mobility as a Chance to Become a Billionaire
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We are all extremely lucky that there are hundreds of ways for upward social mobility in the present-day world. Practically everyone has an opportunity to change their social status nowadays. This was not always the case. If we look at history throughout the centuries, the picture is not rosy at all. The saying “there’s no place like home” has an entirely new and much sadder meaning from this point of view.

Naturally, there have always been isolated cases when someone talented became a “favorite slave” and was entrusted with managing the estate and then maybe even freed. Some lucky ones from the bottom of the social ladder could attain more power and influence by becoming lovers of important noblemen (or women). There was also the theoretical option to rise up through the military ranks and become a general, starting as a common soldier. We can also mention the rare cases when a rich nobleman married some poor beauty beneath him.

That’s about all the options there were for changing social status. Indeed, all the cases described above comprise no more than 0.1% of the total. On the other hand, 99.9% of all people born to a certain social stratum remained there forever. There wasn’t much freedom of travel, like there is now, either. Peasants in parts of Europe, even in the 20th century, could very rarely get their passports or other documents and practically had no opportunity to travel, to get education or to see something new.

In books there are stories, of course, when a commoner meets someone educated, is inspired by them and then goes on to enlighten himself. These were very isolated cases.


That is precisely the beauty of the present-day world that, thanks to the Internet, even the poorest and lowest classes have access to high-quality online education. Nowadays, all you need is to have a computer in order to study numerous free online resources, watch helpful videos on YouTube, read articles, talk to natives of foreign languages, etc. This is an excellent way to prepare yourself for moving into another, more successful social stratum.

I myself, for example, was born to uneducated parents who worked in a factory all their lives. Nonetheless, I managed to receive several degrees, including an MBA. It is only now, however, that I realize that my education is no Harvard, in the sense of the level that would allow me to be among significantly more cultured, well-to-do and advanced people than my usual social circle.

Now, the narrow-mindedness of position of those not-too-intelligent ladies who vehemently defend on social media the rather strange stance that good manicure and well-groomed looks are more important to a woman than education at a prestigious school is especially obvious to me. Healthy environment and dealing with the best enriches and nurtures in all senses.

Let’s take the most obvious example: Mark Zuckerberg, for example, met Priscilla Chan at a fraternity party in Harvard. That happened in 2003 and in 2004 Mark registered Facebook. Not that much time has gone by and the couple is now both a happy family and one of the largest philanthropic organization donating billions of dollars to help people. And they say “manicure…” Just think about the length of time and the results. You can put it together yourself.


Recently, my oldest daughter was accepted to a US High School and, after graduating, she will be able to apply to leading US colleges and universities. She will spend four years with the best teachers in wonderfully equipped classrooms; she will study next to intelligent children who already have excellent education, are raised in stable families and who have wide interests and healthy ambitions.

This is the upward social mobility that my child will use. Thanks to the fact that I can pay for her education, she will be among children from worthy, in all sense, and one might even say, elite families.

Nowadays we can see more and more people climb upward precisely because they had managed to earn money.

In ages past, a large fortune could only be inherited. Good education, together with being accepted in the highest social circles was only available to noblemen, especially in Europe. Even if anyone managed to make a fortune as a businessman, they would only be accepted in the elite circles if they married right; others were not admitted to High Society.

It is much simpler for us because there are so many new ways to earn money. Last year, for example, growing my online business, I earned $1 million. There are quite a lot of people like that now, who make very good money online; people like owners of various online resources and services, freelancers and start-uppers, even IT employees with salaries over a million dollars a year.

Practically any person who had to work as a low-paid clerk 200 years ago, with no chance of advancement, nowadays has tons of opportunities.

Nearly everyone can create their online business, learn a new profession, work for other experts, get in with someone who already has their own business, come up with a useful service, be a blogger on Instagram, for example and earn dozens of times more on advertising than their parents did at their jobs.


The most important thing is that there is an opportunity nowadays to invest the money you earn in “re-formatting” your brain and changing your life radically, making a financial and social quantum leap.

As an example, I can offer you results of my clients who attended the Large Money Class where we worked precisely on changing your way of thinking. As a result, many women who earned, let’s say, $1,000 a month, raised their income to $3,000 - $5,000 a month. Another amusing point is that businessman husbands, who unwillingly listened to these classes in the background, also at least doubled their income.

As their income increases, these people now face problems on a different level: how to move to a better neighborhood and a better home, where and how to educate their children in order to insure their upward social mobility, how to save money for a decent retirement, when you’re used to spending freely, etc.

As a rule, I recommend to take the class again in those cases because the ingredients of the “medicine” are the same — a quantum leap in the way of thinking to obtain the skill of making a different choice and of taking actions you are not used to. Except this time, the depth of transformation of the way of thinking is greater and the results are greater respectively.

In ages past, you could only have that way of thinking if you were born to the aristocracy, where a child was raised as a future war-lord or a future chatelaine of an estate from birth. Nowadays, that’s not necessary at all. People born in very ordinary families and receiving not the best of limiting affirmations, can actually go to study any time. They can acquire the necessary skills and become top managers or successful businessmen.

You can learn all these things — how to make effective decisions and choices that lead you upwards, in the next year or two if you invest the money you earn in self-educating and in moving upwards socially.

When people regularly invest significant amounts of money in self-education, their upward social movement becomes only a matter of time.

Getting into the habit of investing as much as possible in your own and your children’s education is, I believe, the most important victory over yourself. The type of victory that will determine how quickly you grow personally and the number of your very real colossal victories in the world.

Date of publication: 1 August 2018
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