How to teach a teenager to “surf the net” profitably
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These days, the Internet provides opportunities for additional income to people of all ages. These days many youngsters don’t want to sponge on their quite well-off parents as early as when they are 11 or 12. They want to try their hand at “adult” business and quickly take their place in society, assert themselves and feel their own importance. This wish is strengthened by examples of famous YouTube bloggers, Instagram stars, and so on.

The kids see their peers making millions of dollars and, naturally, it spurs their ambition and makes them want to be as successful. Besides, the present-day children and teenagers are more spontaneous and relaxed than we were at that age. They feel quite free in front of a camera and glibly tell about their life and interests.

My children also have their own YouTube channel:, where they practice video blogging skills to the full extent. My oldest daughter has recently made a series of videos where she tells how she applied to an American high school, relating in details how she picked out the school on her own, how she learned English and took tests. I encourage this pastime because I realize just how useful such skills are in the long run.

Even if the parents are well-off, it will not solve the child’s problems of finding their place in the world, of influencing people, of their ability to be interesting, useful or popular. Here, a child has two options: they can allow the society to form them as it will, passively absorbing mediocre content, memorizing useless information and taking tests on it, or they can take up the pro-active position of being creative and self-improving.

It is in the parents’ power to give a timely push in the right direction, to direct the child towards creativity, towards practicing self-presentation and promotion skills, towards going for any modern online occupation. When the child grows up, these skills will allow them to be successful in practically any chosen field, both online and offline. Your teenager will easily be able to create their own website, professionally set up their accounts on social media, will be competent in developing their personal brand and will be able to promote their business and themselves as an expert effectively, thus building a successful career in their preferred field.

Kids spend a lot of time online anyway, so instead of habitually consuming other people’s content, it is much more useful to set them a task of creating their own. Implementing creative ideas is certain to lead to mastering useful applicable skills. My children, for example, when they first got their channel, became interested in web design, studied promotion and, while they were at it, all of online marketing. My oldest daughter Katya honed the skill of writing interesting texts and decided to study to be a film director in the US when she found out that it has the best schools in the world.

If you encourage the child’s creativity and proactive position, support the mastering of accompanying skills and pay for high-quality online classes, your young one will start making money on their own fairly quickly. The children will be able to spend their money on expensive clothes, gadgets and other teenage fashion statements, which will have a positive impact on their self-esteem. As a result, teenagers will feel much more confident and successful, and will then achieve much more significant results in life than their “tenderly-bred” peers, who were brought up in the traditional model of “school – college – work – retirement.”

The children’s early financial independence is especially important in families that are not too well-off, where parents cannot afford a lot of the things the child may want. These days, many schoolkids register with freelance agencies presenting themselves as college-students or even grown-ups. They take orders for transcription, simple design, video processing, etc. In the course of working, they hone the skills they have and acquire new ones.

Often enough, you can meet school kids who can create a website in two days and get their 100 bucks for it. It never occurs to the adults that the job was done for them by someone’s well-raised and responsible child; after all, agency agreements are negotiated simply by regular email. These facts are very much in contrast with the well-educated helplessness of adult unemployed losers, who cannot even make enough money to feed themselves.

Instead of in-depth studies of school subjects that are not even likely to be useful in the future, it is better to encourage your children to master modern ways to earn money and promote themselves online. A very wise step would be to pay for a teenager to study online marketing, thus ensuring that they have a competitive advantage early on and for the rest of their lives.

You can take a first step in that direction today. Suggest that your child study a free class on making money online on the Navika portal – its creative format, which includes animation, is well-suited to teenagers and is easy to grasp.

When the child tries to do something on the basis of what they learned, your task is to support them and encourage acquiring practical skills in the future. The knowledge and habit to acquire skills quickly will serve them well time and again both in college and in grown-up life either in building a career or managing a business.

Date of publication: 17 December 2018
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