You are what you eat? I disagree ;)
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People often ask me how I feel about raw food and what kind of foods I eat.

My reply to the first question is that I don’t feel about it. If the mono-rawists try to convince me of its undeniable goodness too hard, I reply that their goals seem too shallow. If you want to follow a really good diet, why stop at raw food, why not consume prana ;) After all, it’s convenient – no grocery shopping, no bathrooms, you save time and money. It works, IMHO ;).

Seriously, I am somewhat inspired by Zeland’s stories about how he became a rawist. I am hoping that one day my eating habits will change just like his – as time goes by I begin to like nutritious foods more and more and I can no longer eat junk food.

What appeals to me is that Zeland makes perfect sense – it takes about 10 years to switch in very gradual stages. Those trying to follow the fashionable trend usually make the mistake of abruptly switching from their usual menu, causing enormous discomfort to the body.

From what I have seen their results are not too great: allergies, loss of hair and teeth, brittle nails, terrible skin condition, constant grumpiness and worry. There is a theory that the body reacts so unpleasantly because human symbiotic parasites become very active. In other words, abrupt changes should take place together with a solid anti-parasite program, similarly to how Hilda Clark treated stage 3 and stage 4 cancer. In that case, of course, the fatally ill people did not have the choice of a gradual switch.

Healthy people, in my opinion, have no need for such jolts. It is better to spend 5 years imperceptibly switching to healthy eating than to lose half your teeth and hair in half a year.

For now, I myself am of the opinion that about 50% of what I eat should be fresh vegetables, greens, fruit and berries.

I have nothing against food of animal origin. Nowadays, I prefer seafood, but a couple of times a week I like to eat chicken, of beef carpaccio, or some good-quality ham.

For those who make the connection between spirituality and food, I have personally seen a visible rebuttal – one of the present-day spiritual leaders Mark Palchik, who is over 70, enjoys eating chicken. So, I do not see a connection between rawism and spirituality. Much more often I see that people who enthuse about rawism have numerous problems, are infantile, and socially ill-adapted.

Let’s look at children’s diet, while we’re at it. Even if the parents are convinced rawists, at least one third of your child’s diet should be traditional. Otherwise you are risking their health: they are sure to have food poisoning when they first try meat at someone’s house or when they go out with friends and the probability of that happening is 99.9% - you cannot possibly protect a teenager from experimenting or a child – from temptation.

Don’t risk their life. Once your child grows, they can make an intelligent decision and eat the way that’s best for them. Right now, alas, they are sure to eat all sorts of trash simply because others do – you cannot possibly keep track of everything. So, for safety reasons, give their bodies socially accepted foods at least sometimes.

Date of publication: 23 December 2017
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