Your apex: becoming a gourmet
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When food is no longer a source of a tasteless “emotion suppressor”, when you learn to approach it attentively, with interest and joy, the gourmet era begins. You can cultivate such wonderful skill as a sophisticated palate. You can learn to discern the finest nuances, enjoy the right combinations or unusual bouquets of taste. You can create, see and appreciate the beauty of a well-served dish.

Having developed a refined palate, you will simply not be able to eat low-quality, chemically modified foods. You will feel full on a small serving eaten in little bites. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to stuff yourself with a triple-decker and fries.

In exercising your gourmet tastes, you can learn haute cuisine, try various sophisticated recipes or go on gourmet tours. Food can become a hobby for your where quantity gradually becomes quality. As you know, this is a much more meaningful level of gratification!

Date of publication: 23 December 2017
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